My last post was at the end of April. In February, I had a severe attack of spinal stenosis, which I have had for years, but it suddenly knocked me down. I didn’t know it was spinal stenosis for over three months. Between the doctors’ and insurance company’s delays and denies, I finally paid for the MRI myself.

During that time, I recovered enough to do light duty but hadn’t felt up to writing. I continued a spiritual journey I had started as a teen and abandoned in my mid-thirties. After a few weeks, I started writing down that journey from the beginning, through all the ups, downs, dead ends, highs, disappointments, and pain. I was not one to leave many stones unturned. A couple of weeks before I decided to write the journey, I turned over a stone that changed everything.

My story has 11 separate articles so far, and each is 600–750 words. Following me on this series may have you thinking – He thought that? He did what?, That’s crazy! Well, I wouldn’t blame you, but my intense desire to understand what this life was all about and where, as a spirit, I fit in drove me to look in every corner I could find. I finally believe I have finally turned over the stone I was looking for all along.

Each article is now undergoing editing by me and then will go to my copy editor. I intend to have in final form all articles before publishing the first. Please bear with me for a few weeks until I get the first submitted.

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  1. Jerry, I’ll look forward to reading all of the articles. And I hope you are able to get some pain relief for your back!

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