One of the most thrilling acts in any circus is the tightrope. High in the air, the performer strides across the thin cable between two points. He is likely to fall if he leans too far to either side, forward or back. It’s all about balance.

A balanced life can be likened to a tightrope walker. Throughout history, many spiritual leaders have shared the knowledge necessary to achieve a proper approach to living a rewarding and fulfilling life while caring for every factor involved. We must work effectively to handle our lives and the world around us in several areas.

The key to all other duties is first the care of ourselves. It includes proper nutrition, sanitation, rest, healthful activities, and the development of the mind. If we slip in these areas, we are less able to take care of other aspects of life.

The family is the cornerstone of the continuance of the human race. With proper rearing, we pass on those values that teach each member how to care for themselves and perpetuate life as a proper member of a broader society.

Communities can be large or small. Towns, tribes, nations, and associations are formed to accomplish larger goals than those held by individuals. The foundation of any successful group is based on agreements made between the members. Disagreements within any group can cause it to falter and or fall. Factions set against each other may maintain balance for a while, but the group will inevitably fall into the abyss.

Humans depend on other life forms. Nature has its balance that has served living forms for many millions of years. Even when interrupted by ice ages or devastating floods or droughts, nature always strives to restore balance. Caring for all living things is in our best interest for our future.

We require relatively optimum conditions for ourselves and other living things on Earth. Polluting our air and water harms our world, and the creatures living within suffer. The consequences of adverse actions against the environment seem distant to many, but they can be accumulative and eventually lead to a fall. Nature’s balance has been significantly strained since the start of the Industrial Revolution. The destruction of our natural resources can eventually reach the point of “no return” for life on Earth. Neither the mountains nor the seas will mourn our passing. As George Carlin stated, “Earth will shake us off like a bad case of fleas”.

Man has a spiritual nature beyond our physical form. Even the doubters will refer to the “spirit of man” or the “spirit of a group”. That we are spiritual is universal to our history. We have striven to understand our spiritual nature. That is evident from thousands of recorded writings and spoken lore. Failing to seek knowledge and guidance through spiritual paths will deny us the wisdom to care for all aspects of life. Walking in the light of that wisdom will help keep us on the tightrope’s proper course.

Concentrating solely on one aspect of life, excluding all others, may be tempting. In some cases, it may be felt to be necessary. In the short term, that might be true when the balance of a neglected area of life is in dire need. But to make a lifelong crusade without balance will surely cause other areas to suffer. An example is a man who works for riches to create a secure future for his family, but neglects to spend quality time with them.

A balanced life creates better conditions for us now and in future generations. 

Jerry Philosophical Life Lessons

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