Assault via the internet. It can murder your joy and peace through words.

A New Tool for Crime Has Arrived

Over many centuries, a particular type of crime has been held at bay. This is due to the limitations of mass attacks of this nature. What is this heinous crime? It is the assault, even murder, of peace, love, and joy by cyberbullying in cyberspace. A Cyberbully uses technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person. Furthermore, it includes posting personal information, pictures, or videos designed to steal another sanity or even life.

The Perpetrator

Assaults with weapons such as guns, knives, fists, and other similar methods have the disadvantage of being caught and incarcerated for years. This effectively ends an individual’s ability to continue a long-term campaign of mayhem. Plus, this is primarily adult warfare.

It has been quoted that the pen is mightier than the sword. Today, that quote should read, “The keyboard is mightier than the sword.” An ordinary person in the past could only use the “pen” weapon on one or a few individuals at a time unless they owned a newspaper or wrote a book.

Enter Social Media on The Playing Field

With the advent of social media, anyone with a computer or smartphone can launch an onslaught against peace, love, and joy to millions. Hence, a new term has been coined to describe this offender, the Cyberbully. They use ammunition as words propelled by emotion; the words are the bullets, video producing fear, and the emotions are the powder – bang, bang, bang! And who has become the experts in this form of warfare – Teenagers! Even pre-teens have entered the fray.

These words & videos are custom-designed to destroy feelings of peace, goodwill, and happiness. Messages are sent loaded with emotions such as anger, fear, hate, and, when appropriate, despair and resentment. The effectiveness of this type of weapon is magnified exponentially by the fact that other bullies can repeat and forward them to another large group. In effect, one individual can reach millions.

The Victims

Fortunately, not all the ammunition sent out reaches those who would become victims. Of course, any casualty of this vicious aggression is too many. Some decide to fight back. Having lost their peace, love, and joy, they return fire, using the same tactics as the perpetrator. Thus becoming a cyberbully themselves.

Others may become, over time, feeling sadder and more hopeless. Some would say this state is worse than fighting back. In either case, losing one’s peace, love, and joy is terrible. One could say this is “hell” for both the perpetrators and victims.

The Peacemakers

Perhaps you thought there were no peacemakers? Of course, there are, and you know who you are, don’t you? You face malicious attacks with strength and without fear. Oh, you had the occasional dent in the armor or the shallow wound, but you always recovered nicely. You are the givers of love, the spreaders of kindness, and the words that uplift. You have the means, in tandem with others like you, to restore order & sanity to the cyberworld.


Correcting injustice by pointing to truth is valid, but not in anger or retaliation. This only reinforces the unjust position. When the internet becomes a battlefield, we all lose the war. It is far better to spend our time and energy helping victims become fearless in the face of bullying.


So, a better world happens through you and me in our daily lives. It is not necessary to be a celebrity, a leader in the community, or in a position of power. Being loving, kind, cheerful, and forgiving to the people in your life is how anyone can change the world for the better. Indeed, it may be the most important task for most of us to do, no matter who we are. Never underestimate the power each of us has within us to use the talents we have to accomplish the miracles that we wish to see manifest.

See it, believe it, and watch it become reality.

And so it is.

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