Terms of Service

Last Updated: September 20,2023

1. Introduction

At ShadeTreeMusings.com, Jerry Pritchett invites you to his personal blog and digital diary where he shares life experiences, stories, and reflective musings. When you access and use this website, you commit to the terms and conditions below.

2. User Agreement

When you use ShadeTreeMusings.com, you commit to these Terms of Service. Moreover, you agree to protect Jerry Pritchett against any claims, damages, or losses (including legal fees) arising from your actions on this blog.

3. Updates and Changes

Jerry Pritchett can change these Terms of Service anytime. He will post updates here. If you continue to use the blog after these changes, you accept the revised terms.

4. Privacy Concerns

Our Privacy Policy governs your engagement with ShadeTreeMusings.com and ensures the safety and respect of your personal data. Please review it for detailed insights.

5. Blog Access and Engagement

We encourage visitors to read, comment on, and share blog posts while respecting all applicable laws.

6. Limitations

When engaging with ShadeTreeMusings.com, refrain from:
  • Reposting content without proper credit.
  • Using the blog’s content for commercial purposes without Jerry’s direct approval.
  • Participating in spamming, trolling, or disruptive activities.

7. Blog Moderation

Jerry Pritchett can modify or delete any comment he finds inappropriate, offensive, or irrelevant without prior warning.

8. Content Disclaimer

Only Jerry Pritchett holds the views and opinions on ShadeTreeMusings.com; they don’t reflect the stance of any organization he might associate with.

9. No Liability

Jerry Pritchett won’t be responsible for any outcomes arising from the content interpretation or actions on this blog.

10. Governing Laws

Texas laws shape these Terms. Courts in the United States will address any disputes related to this blog.

11. Get in Touch

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about these Terms of Service or the blog content, please reach out to Jerry at jerry@shadetreemusings.com.