Finding Balance on a tightrope. This is like finding balance in life.

Balance in Life is Like Walking a Tightrope

One of the most thrilling acts in any circus is the tightrope. High in the air, the performer strides across the thin cable between two points. The crowd gasps as they pretend to slip, teetering to and fro, only to regain their composure at the last second. The performer will fall if they lean too far to either side, forward or back. The fact is, life is about finding balance.

A balanced life can be likened to a tightrope walker. Many philosophers and spiritual leaders have shared knowledge to navigate life’s pitfalls throughout history. Living that balance can be broken down into the parts of the journey. This helps organize techniques for staying on the high wire. It’s no surprise; falling off is commonly known as being at the end of our rope or hitting rock bottom. Let’s avoid that!

Achieving Balance in Every Part of Your Life

Our first priority in life should be the care of bodies and minds. Specifically, our bodies needs proper nutrition, cleanliness, rest, and exercise. Learn the skills to satisfy physical needs and relationships within our society. If we neglect these areas, we are less able to care for the other aspects of life.

Family is the cornerstone of perpetuating the human race. With proper rearing of children, we pass on values that teach each member how to care for themselves and live as an appropriate member of a broader society. Children are the future caretakers of life on earth. With this in mind, we should act accordingly.

Communities, towns, tribes, nations, and groups are formed to accomplish larger goals than those held by individuals. Essentially, the foundation of any successful group is based on agreements made between members. If factions develop and are set against each other, balance may be maintained for a while. However, in time, the group will inevitably fall apart, sometimes violently.

Humans depend on other life forms. Nature has its own balance that has served living forms for many millions of years. Even when interrupted by ice ages, devastating floods, or droughts, and human intervention, nature always strives to restore balance. Caring for the earth and all living things is in our best interest.

Earth is our home. Polluting our air and water harms our world, and the creatures living within suffer. The consequences of destructive actions against the environment seem distant to many. In this case, they can accumulate and eventually lead to an uninhabitable environment for all living forms.

Humans would not be the last to go. Neither the mountains nor the seas would mourn our passing. George Carlin may have said it best in his humorous skit on YouTube, After Skool.

Man has a spiritual nature beyond our physical form. Even the doubters will refer to the “spirit of man” or the “spirit of a group.” Furthermore, that we are spiritual is universal to our history. Many have spent lifetimes in the quest to understand our spiritual nature. Moreover, it is evident from thousands of recorded writings and spoken lore. Walking in the light of that wisdom helps keep us upright on the tightrope’s proper course.

Finding Balance – Tips for Success

Concentrating solely on one aspect of life, excluding all others, may be tempting. In some cases, restoring the balance in a neglected area of life in dire need may be necessary.

To make an exclusive lifelong crusade of this will surely cause other areas to suffer as well as your sanity. An often-told example is of a man who obsessively works for wealth to provide luxury for his family and neglects to spend quality time with them.

Finally, be kind to yourself. The most essential part of balancing life is not taking it seriously. Treat life as a fun and challenging game. Treat each setback as a learning opportunity. Never regret the past; it is an asset in your toolbox. Welcome each day; it is full of possibilities for finding balance.

A balanced life is infectious. Perhaps we can start a pandemic of “love of all life,” and may we never recover!! As a matter of fact, I am coming down with this virus; how about you?

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  1. As always, Jerry, I enjoyed this article and it caused a stir in my already curiosity of life as we know it. one thing is for sure, change is inevitable. our survival and evolution depend mainly on our ability to adapt to those changes. And as the magnificent human beings that we are, we are fully equipped with everything we need to be able to adapt and evolve, to produce a more livable and harmonious experience for all on this planet! thank you~ great insight!

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