Kindness can change your world

Change Yourself to Change the World

I believe that all life is precious and worthy of reverence (sacred). This includes every living thing. Every creation, animate or inanimate, throughout time and space are interconnected and have value to each other. To change the world, we must change how we view it.

For example, I don’t kill a snake or other creature, minding his own business, even if it is poisonous or bites. I feel sorrow and loss when I unavoidably run over a squirrel while driving. Likewise, I am furious when I see others abuse animals or children.

Nature has a balance; when we interfere, we disrupt that balance.

How That Works in My Everyday Life

Lest you think I am a tree-hugging pansy, I love hunting and fishing for food. Likewise, I cull roosters and old hens from my flock. We process them to provide chicken dinners or cat food, wasting little. My brother and I process pork and venison to make tasty table fare. The wasps over the front or back door are fair game for my wife’s safety and peace of mind. On the other hand, all other wasps on the property are left alone, even though I have been stung. The wasp was justified; I stuck my hand in his home.

In my mind, there is no contradiction in this. Life is constantly a cycle of birth and death, creation and destruction. This is the way of the natural world. As a result, I respect and honor death as much as life.

The Illogical and Irrational Modus Operandi

One thing confounds me. Humans alone seem capable of unreasoning cruelty or justifying motivations countering our survival as a race. How we can be so complacent about destructive behavior all around us is a mystery.

Even our supposed solutions are pitifully ineffective. We do the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome. You know what that implies.

Segments of the human race are guilty of genocide, destruction of the environment, and selling drugs that poison bodies and minds. Human trafficking, the enslaving, and selling of men, women, and children, is on the rise. In addition, bringing about the premature extinction of other species and, let’s not forget, perpetrating wars upon our fellow man for profit. And yet, we seem unable to come together to be and do better.

The “What If” Factor

Many books, TV shows, and movies have covered the “what if” an alien life form came to Earth and studied our planet. In most cases, they conclude we are a violent and destructive race of beings not worthy of association. And who could blame them? Some might say we are a world plagued by insane people. If you were in their shoes, what would you think?

On the other hand, painting such a bleak picture of our world would be inexcusable if I didn’t pass on a positive note and possible remedy. Most of us, as individuals, feel that we aren’t going to bring about significant changes affecting all these evils. Be that as it may, we can do small things every day to nudge things back in the right direction.

How Random Acts Can Change the World

In my early twenties, I had the idea that we are constantly creating a ripple effect on the world around us through our thoughtful or unthoughtful actions. A kind word here, counting to ten to quell anger, a heartfelt “thank you”, or anything else to make others feel valued and understood goes a long way. Above all, actions speak louder than words. However, do not despair if things don’t seem to go your way – it’s a long game.

You may think that your good attitude and actions do not change the world of the farmer in Indonesia or the laborer in Greenland, but it does. It certainly demonstrably affects the one standing before you. Unknown to you is the effect outside your immediate space; however, it does count in ways you won’t be able to see.

Change in the Big Picture

Imagine what life would be like if every person on Earth went all day in despair, with a bad attitude and rude behavior. In contrast, imagine the opposite; everyone being kind, helpful, giving, and generous.

Which camp would you want to be counted as a part of?

At the end of your day, which feels better?

At the end of life, which would you be proud of?

Random acts of kindness and goodwill cost you nothing; there is everything to gain, including your own peace of mind.

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  1. Hi Jerry,

    There’s a saying, “What goes around, comes around.” I have discovered that if I am kind and helpful, it comes back to me in the form of help when I need it.

    On the other hand, if I am harmful and inconsiderate, that comes back to me too.

    I liked this one. Please send more.

    Don James

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