Faith vs. Fact

Profound belief in the intangible is often questioned by those insisting its existence be “proved”. Whether it is God, ghosts, or voodoo magic, the devout belief that something intangible exists frequently makes some observers doubt the adherent’s reasonable judgment. Curiously, faith is so central to each of our lives. When we drive over a hill,... Read more

Coming Out

No, I’m not gay. I am just “coming out” as a heathen. I suppose sharing here was prompted by a recent conversation with a woman in the BBQ serving line at the Autumn Daze festival. During our exchange, I mentioned that I was a “heathen.” She looked put off, so I asked if she knew... Read more

The Heart of the Matter

In recent years, I’ve contemplated the subject of forgiveness. Each time I do, I’m reminded of the lyrics in Don Henley’s song, “The Heart of the Matter”. He sings of his struggle to deal with a breakup with his fiancée. During his journey, he comes to believe that getting “to the heart of the matter”... Read more

Out Of Body Or Out Of My Mind?

Many people have claimed to have had out-of-body experiences from ancient times to the present day. I believe a great many people have had this happen but either didn’t want to tell anyone for fear of ostracization or believed it was a hallucination. My own first personal “out of body” incident occurred sometime in my... Read more

What is a Brain?

Aren’t our brains wonderful tools? Unless, of course, like a computer, one becomes infected by bugs, viruses, or other malicious malware. Most scientists and doctors declare with certainty that the being you are is limited to your brain and body and that no soul or spirit exists. They say you are an animal with gray... Read more

My Favorite Hymns

In my youth, we were split between two country churches, the Church of God and the Church of the Nazarene. The congregation and choir singing hymns together in each church was a large part of the Sunday service. I looked forward to singing hymns at the top of my lungs, but always dreaded the impending... Read more

Let It Be – I Call It A Hymn

In the late 1960s, Paul McCartney wrote the song “Let It Be, “one of the most iconic in his long history as a songwriter and musician. I call it a hymn because of the message it conveys and the emotions it inspires in me. Some others I have spoken to agree it has the quality... Read more

Reincarnation – Have We Lived Before?

Reincarnation is a subject fraught with the danger of being me being “Canceled,” if I may use the modern term. However, if you don’t cancel me and bear with me, I promise not to turn you into a pagan or worse. I will only attempt to show what many religions and philosophers, both now and... Read more

The Unsettling Consequence of Reincarnation

The concept of reincarnation has been a part of the human consciousness since early man perched upon a mountaintop, contemplating life long ago. When I was a U.S. Navy man, I went AWOL once in port at Bremerton, Washington. Long story short, I took a bus to a mountain and followed a trail to the... Read more

Teaching Religion in Public School?

Recently, while driving home from West, I tuned in to Waco station KBBW 1010AM. I listened to the remainder of an interview with someone from Break Point, speaking about “inroads that have been made for getting the Bible taught in public schools”. I was reminded of a class I took a few decades ago that... Read more