The Price of Absolute Certainty

Carve Truth on a Stone Tablet Some people’s beliefs seem carved in stone with absolute certainty. An idea can be so firmly entrenched that any evidence presented to the contrary will be summarily dismissed without actual examination. Absolute meaning, no room for error, ever. You’ll find people arguing whether we actually put a man on the moon... Read more

Looking Through The Kaleidoscope

A Kaleidoscope View of The World I ponder how humans view the world and why each has a different perspective. We all have well-intentioned folks who politically lean left, right, or center, tending to see very little the same way. I concluded that we each use a kaleidoscope when viewing the world. When we think we are... Read more

Are Things Really So Bad?

To hear the “bad” news and social media, you would think that humanity and our planetary condition are like water circling the drain to the point the sink is almost empty. I am the first to say we are busy as hell trying to make the doomsday criers’ predictions come true, but a look back…

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How Our Traditions Bind Us

We Love Our Boundaries As human beings, we desire and depend upon boundaries and traditions. Much is said about our insatiable pursuit of personal freedom. However, it is those boundaries to our freedom that we depend on most. For example, in democratic governments, we enact laws to rule our social and economic behaviors. As long…

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Rites of Passage

From The Dawn of Humanity In the space between childhood and fully becoming an adult, young men and women performed customs or rites to signify or test their right to become full adult members of society or their tribe. We call these Rites of Passage. Once they successfully complete those, they act as adults, fully…

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Hate & Haters

Doncha Hate It! Hate, hate, hate & haters is one of the most common words on social media. People seem to hate black, white, brown, conservative, liberal, wealthy, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and every other sort of human being you can name – some even say they hate most of them. The most well-known, organized hate group... Read more

Hate Thy Neighbor?

Preface This article was written long before I wrote: “Hate & Haters – Doncha Just Hate It!” Even though the content is similar, I have decided to leave since there are differences, and it clearly reflects my state of awareness of our culture at different times.  Before The Internet & Social Media I doubt there…

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The Court of Public Opinion

Guilty, Guilty, Guilty, I Say! Any person accused of a crime in the U.S. can only be convicted by sufficient evidence of wrongdoing by his accuser. Our Bill of Rights provides for that in very clear wording, we commonly refer to as “presumption of innocence until proven guilty”. However, the court of public opinion presumes…

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The Danger of Sound Bites

Using Sound Bites & Understanding The Full Document In the age of small sound bites, it has become evident that many people forgo reading and understanding our country’s founding documents, like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You will notice I said reading and understanding. People quote bits from them, containing an agenda matching…

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The Boy Crisis

The Ennis News rejected this article for publication because it discussed a sensitive topic in the current social climate. Assuredly, their reasons were valid. Newspapers, especially local papers, have to tread a fine line to avoid offending readers and advertisers. Apparently, Boy Crisis is too risky to print. Judge for yourselves. Here We Go. Remove…

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