War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

Those words became well known, once released by Motown in the song “War” by Edwin Starr in June 1970. Within a month, it was the number-one hit on the Billboard chart. It was probably the most-played protest song of the near-end and post-Vietnam era. The song speaks of the tragedy of any war and is…

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War Part II – Imagine This

In my previous column concerning war, I spoke about the possibility of preventing it. John Lennon, in his song titled “Imagine” had us ponder living “as one”. Unfortunately, in the current state of affairs, if there was but one person on earth, they would probably invent another person to run through with a spear. Seriously…

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They Call It A Budget?

Here in the USA, we have a national debt currently exceeding 2.4 trillion dollars. For most of us, that is a meaningless figure, exceeding our easy understanding. However, when viewed as to how much each person owes, it can make more sense. 2.4 trillion is well over sixty-two thousand dollars per citizen. Wow, each of…

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Socialism? The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

First, the good aspects of socialism. Someone help me out here? I haven't come up with anything. I’ve taken a look at Sweden since I heard socialism worked there. Well, it turns out their brief experiment in the 1970s and 1980s was a complete failure. Before they’d tried it, they were one of the richest... Read more

Concerning Cuba

Fidel Castro has finally passed on at the age of 90, but his legacy lives on – the embargo that isolated his island nation for decades. I’ve thought for many years that the embargo on Cuba should be lifted. Yes, I know the reasons many have stated why it should not. Castro has been known…

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