Are You Offended or Triggered by Words?

Charlie’s Answer to Offensive Name Calling My first memory of the expression “sticks and stones” was a flawed one, regarding something Charlie Brown had said in a comic strip many years ago. I misremembered his words as: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me!” That was his response to Lucy’s shouting,... Read more

Of Wooden Ships And Iron Men

Long Sea Voyages on Sailing Ships Wooden sailing ships from centuries ago required extreme endurance and fortitude from those men who endeavored at sea for many weeks or months. The hardships endured on long sea voyages are too many to be described here. An accurate account of that life is detailed in the book “Two Years... Read more

Ownership – Who Really Owns?

How much of what we see in our environment do we claim ownership of? How much of that owns us? We take for granted, without thought, that anything we acquire by whatever means we hold is our property. This includes our mind and body. It also includes relationships; yes, we have relationships that imply a…

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Being Where Others Are Not

Being Alone, Lonely, Isolated – Not! Decades ago, during a conversation with my brother, Ronnie, I spoke of my passion for getting away from people and things man-made every so often. Surprisingly, he confided in me that he strongly disliked being alone. He said he was uncomfortable without people around.  In contrast, I valued my…

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