Crossroads On Life’s Journey

Choosing the Best Fork in the Road During my lifetime, I’ve spoken with various folks who’ve expressed regret regarding some of the decisions they’ve made in their life. Most wished they could go back and make better choices. I’m certain had they done so, they could’ve ended up in worse condition since any change can... Read more

Life is About Finding Balance

Balance in Life is Like Walking a Tightrope One of the most thrilling acts in any circus is the tightrope. High in the air, the performer strides across the thin cable between two points. The crowd gasps as they pretend to slip, teetering to and fro, only to regain their composure at the last second….

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The Key to Managing Anger

And Other Emotions You Don’t Want You make me so mad! I suspect most people have made a similar statement to someone they feel has given offense at some point. It’s a case of assigning the cause of our emotional reaction to another person. We may also assign the cause of joy to someone who has... Read more

Change the World Every Day

Change Yourself to Change the World I believe that all life is precious and worthy of reverence (sacred). This includes every living thing. Every creation, animate or inanimate, throughout time and space are interconnected and have value to each other. To change the world, we must change how we view it. For example, I don’t…

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The Grim Reaper – Or Kind Reaper?

All Life is Precious – So, Is Death Not Precious? A few weeks ago, I wrote that I consider all life precious. So, where does the Grim Reaper fit in? Is the “reaper of death” grim, or is it, instead, kind? I suppose that depends. In my view, a natural death can be a blessing. Just... Read more

I Could Be Wrong

Logical Methods to Form Opinions I’ve expressed my opinion in this column for over a year – my thoughts and musings about life. I have often said, “I could be wrong”. However, I always attempted to form my opinions on any subject by logical reasoning and critical thinking. Furthermore, I gather as much data as…

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Marcus Aurelius —The Stoic Emperor

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus was Emperor of Rome from 161 to 180 A.D. and a Stoic philosopher. He never wrote a book; he only wrote private notes to himself and ideas on Stoic philosophy. After he died, his notes were assembled and compiled into books. Because of that, we can read the Stoic wisdom he lived and ruled... Read more

“What – Me Worry?”

Beginning in 1952, MAD Magazine was a crazy, humorous publication that ran for 67 years before folding in 2018. For much of its life, it featured a freckled-faced, gap-toothed, big-eared, and grinning, homely young man with a caption on the cover stating, “What – Me Worry?” His name was Alfred E. Neuman. The fictional character became a... Read more

The Problem With Problems

We Need Problems. Yes We Do! Many of us think, “If I had no problems, my life would be filled with peace and tranquility”. I suppose only monks might tolerate that sort of life, but I doubt they could do it as well. It's human nature to need problems to solve, some struggle or another... Read more

Much To Be Thankful For

A Day of Gratitude & Feasting Millions of Americans, some of my family members and I, plus neighbors, sit down to a feast together on Thanksgiving Day. Before one bite of food touched our lips, one person attending prayed over the feast. We then spoke in turn around the table, stating what we each had to... Read more