The Joy of Writing

My impulse to write stories and articles was latent until I reached my twenties. It started in a spiral notebook with short narratives and poetry. Much of the time, when I went back to read it over, I had trouble reading my handwriting or understanding the words I had written. I should explain where this... Read more

Unveiling the Joy of Writing

Further Thoughts on My Love of Writing After I wrote my article on the Joy of Writing, I realized I hadn’t added the reason I have for the impulse to put pen to paper. After some reflection, I discovered my motives were more than several; furthermore, they have evolved over time. Initially, I wrote to... Read more

Trailer Monkeys – Fact or Fiction?

Let’s Have Some Fun I was a long-haul truck driver in the twenty years before I retired. Sometime after 9/11, I happened to hear a couple of truckers talking over the CB radio about “trailer monkeys.” My innate curiosity was tweaked, but I couldn’t get a word in edgewise to ask questions before they went... Read more

If They Had Lived

This afternoon, I watched an interview with Paul McCartney, a singer, songwriter, and musician best known for being a member of the Beatles band. He spoke of his relationship with John Lennon and that an important part of his life was when they co-wrote over 300 songs. That got me thinking about John’s untimely death…

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What Chickens Know That We Don’t

One day in the distant past, a man walked out of his cave and told the world, "I am going to invent a thing that will make life much easier. I am going to call it a wheel." He then started thinking and planning. At that time in human history, we lost our chicken sense.... Read more

Call Me Naive, or Worse?

In the song “Imagine,” John Lennon said, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I am not the only one.” That describes my life from early childhood. With an insatiable curiosity, I read on a daily basis, dreaming of fantastic worlds with endless, wonderful possibilities. In my imagining, I solved the day’s problem, fell in…

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Science Fiction or Science Future

Soon after I began reading adult books, I devoured every science fiction book I could. My favorite author was E. E. “Doc” Smith. His seven-book Lensman Series is the most imaginative, thrilling, and engaging material in the sci-fi genre I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I also listened to “Dimension X” and “Flash Gordon” serials…

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Movie Time? Pass The Popcorn!

To the best of my knowledge, my parents have never seen a movie in a theater or a stage play, although I might consider some of the drama produced by my uncle, an Assembly of God minister, high drama. You would probably agree if you could have experienced his time in the pulpit. My aunt,…

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Movie Time Again – More Popcorn Please!

Even as an adult, I have a weakness for teen movies, with a crush on Molly Ringwald for many years. “Pretty in Pink,” “The Breakfast Club,” and “Sixteen Candles” are my favorites. I’m well past that phase now, except for “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “The Breakfast Club.” My top fave prison drama is “The…

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