In my previous column, I mentioned Azure Standard, an online organic foods grocer, as my source for “unifine” milled flour. I’ve had several inquiries from readers wanting to know more about the company. Since joining the Ennis Farmer’s Market as a vendor of organic produce, I’ve been encouraged by a number of people in the area who buy organic products. Some drive as far as Whole Foods in Dallas to shop, since organic products are hard to find in our area. The availability has been getting better over time as HEB, Walmart, and others have offered a limited but increasing variety of products grown organically or made from organic ingredients. You can even purchase grass-fed, free-range meats in some stores, and I know at least three local ranchers who sell grass-fed beef.

I normally do not use this platform to promote a particular company or product. Due to recent interest and because I support and promote sustainable methods of agriculture and more natural foods, I’ll grant your wish. You can purchase a large variety of organic/non-GMO and/or gluten-free products online and have them delivered right here in Ennis. Go online and create a free account at and have a look at what they have to offer. If you don’t belong to the Internet generation, you can call Azure Standard in Oregon for a paper catalog to be mailed to you. The advantage of buying online is the ability to see the ingredient list. The company truck arrives in the Walmart parking lot every four weeks on a specific Monday afternoon and delivers a variety of organic and sustainable products which were ordered before the deadline, a week earlier on their website.

Azure Standard began as an organic farm in Oregon over forty years ago and has grown to deliver fresh, canned, and frozen food to drop sites all over the country. For organic, the offerings are very reasonably priced, and I’ve been particularly impressed with the quality of their fresh produce. Of course, because some seasonal products are not available or run out of stock, they are unlike the major grocery chains where you can always get an avocado or peach, no matter the season. But like any grocery store, they have sections of frozen and fresh products, a baking supplies department, canned goods, sweets, coffee & tea, baby food, cleaning products, chicken feed, herbs, and much more. It’s like going to a super HEB or Brookshire Brothers, but online. You can read labels at your leisure in your pajamas if so inclined.

When I moved here, my mother had already been ordering from Azure for several years. In fact, it’s where she gets most of her grocery items, including fresh produce, nut butters, and baking supplies, as well as some of her vitamin and herb supplements. I place her Azure orders online and shop for her local grocery needs, too, since she is fast approaching 90 and no longer drives.

I am present at each monthly Azure delivery and enjoy the friendly company of other locals, plus those who drive in from Kemp, representing several families making a group purchase. I recommend visiting Azure’s website to read about the founders, their core values, and their standards. You are also welcome to contact me or your friends who use Azure and drop in during delivery. You can see what we purchase and talk to others in the Walmart parking lot where we meet.

It’s all about organic and sustainable, and that’s my wish fulfilled!

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