Some of you know that I grow vegetables via organic methods, plus raise sheep, goats, and chickens in the same manner. I buy organic foods, as much as practical, and cook them from scratch, to nourish my wife and me. For most of my life, I’ve refused to use artificial sweeteners, margarine, and any other such “laboratory creations”.

Do I think I am going to live longer because of that? I doubt it. At seventy years old, how much would that extend my life? Even if it did, would it really be worth the extra time and money for a few months more? Not really. So why would I do it?

I firmly believe eating as healthy as I can improves my physical well-being. More importantly, I have been in protest for decades against the promotion of any chemical, unnatural, way our foods are produced, then heavily promoted. I am convinced that chemically grown, ultra-processed, plasticized packaged food (junk food) is ruining the health of our younger generations.

Many will say, though they agree in theory, they don’t have the time or money to do what I do and will state that organic foods cost much more than some “new and improved” offerings. They’ll say they work so many hours that they can’t afford the time and extra expense.

Trust me, I’ve used those same excuses at times when hours were long, or money was tight. Though it was hard, that didn’t stop me from doing what I could. I still refused to use chemically made products, still ate as healthy as possible, and cooked whenever I could. I never gave up on a healthy eating program, remembering the long view, and that all my efforts cumulatively enabled me to become better at eating even healthier. I believe anyone with determination can do the same. We all know it is much easier to succumb to a routine of Mickie D’s than to squeeze an extra healthy meal into our schedule.

I promote healthy eating and organic farming, not just for our older generation’s health. As we age, we are each in a position of limited return for efforts toward improving our personal health. I do it especially to provide an example to today’s youth, and those yet to be born into a world we have abused in so many ways. I believe that we all should contribute in a similar manner.

Many of us have worked in our ways, large and small, to change this world for the better. Our civilization now has the knowledge and technology to solve past errors, and we can if we have the will and fortitude to do so. My small effort to help is through promoting organic farming, locally sourced organically produced food, and as closely as possible, living the lifestyle I espouse.

Until recent years, finding healthy options and supporting organic farming was not easy. Most local grocers now have an organic section. Azure Standard, an organic food company, delivers pre-ordered organic produce, food, and ingredients to the Walmart parking lot every four weeks. There are many other online sellers. My wife orders monthly from Vitacost and buys name-brand supplements and organic foods at excellent prices. Currently, several ranchers in Ellis County sell grass-fed, naturally produced beef at prices rivaling those of non-organic beef in the grocery store. Several people offer organically grown produce at our farmer’s market in Ennis.

I’m reminded of the prayer my mother offers prior to meals, “Bless this food for the nourishment of our bodies…” What could be better than blessing healthy food prepared by your own hands?

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